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Designing Beautiful, Eco-friendly And Green Structures Around The City!

GOAT looks to solve this climate's current issues, which is to hyper focus on training and vetting tradesmen including a strong labor force to be more effective and productive in the modern prefabricated realm of construction. Creating a new onboarding process and system that will make future projects move forward at a proficient and cost effective level.

GOAT Development Group

Residential & Commercial Developer


Smart Home Features

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Sporting Facilities

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We Are GOAT Development Group

Townhouse Projects

Experience in the real estate industry is critical for a developer. Developers must know the market well enough to know whether or not a project will be successful. GOAT looks to work with developers to relieve some of the workload.

Eco Friendly

At GOAT, we leverage subcontractors and material suppliers to guarantee you the best competitive pricing. These experienced professionals help us maintain our high level of quality and craftsmanship. We are committed to the success and completion of your project, and understand that finishing the project on time is crucial to your business.

Custom Homes

For the majority of people building a home is the greatest financial investment they will ever make. It’s also an overwhelming process that leaves some buyers confused and left wondering where they should begin and what’s the next step.

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View Our Project Brochure

View our past, current, and pending retail & commercial development projects in major emerging markets around the United States.

Residential & Commercial Development

As of the company's creation, GOAT owns and develops a pipeline of over 500 residential units and commercial buildings across the state of Colorado

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